Saturday, January 31, 2009


inside the "vault"

Teller's is a restaurant in Hyde Park set in a renovated bank. David and I have been there a few times in the past, and have sampled a variety of dishes.

That's our downstairs neighbor on the right!

Teller's has a pretty awesome happy hour. From 4-6 all appetizers are 6.00, and you can get 1.00 off draft beers. On Wednesdays, all martinis are $3.00-4.00. It is, bar none, the best Martini deal I've found in Cincinnati.
( I should probably get my martini fix at Teller's on Wednesdays, at 6-10 dollars a drink, I keep running our bills up at recent restaurants.)

beer taps!

During the times we have raced to Tellers after work for the sweet appetizer deal, we've gotten the brie flatbread, (usually $11.00) with roasted garlic, baked brie and seasonal chutney. David ordered it because he was curious and ended up liking it a lot more than he thought, especially the chutney.

the bar from upstairs

I've gotten the Chicken Quesadilla (usually $9.00) with grilled chicken, poblanos, sweet chili sauce, guacamole and cheese. There are four of them and I can usually only eat two. Something I feel I have to mention--Teller's likes to sneak garlic into a lot of their foods—quesadilla's included.

David has also gotten the white bean hummus (usually $9.00), which he also found much too garlicky to really enjoy. I guess we are not garlic lovers. I do enjoy garlic—but in moderation.

We were very excited to see that Teller's has Hopslam on tap! ($6.00 during happy hour) David stuck with Old Speckled Hen ($4.00), but I couldn't resist Hopslam's siren song. Teller's rotates in very unique beers seasonally—the Hopslam replaced Founder's breakfast stout. They also have Arrogant Bastard, Lindeman's raspberry, and a variety of other beers.


Teller's is pretty quiet up til around 7, and I'd say that's when we notice business picking up. Teller's has two floors, so there is plenty of seating.

Second floor

I ordered two appetizers, the stag fries ($9.00) and the buffalo chicken egg rolls (also $9.00) and David stuck with the Kobe beef burger. ($12.00)

In retrospect, I should have just gotten one or the other—the fries are definitely more than one person can eat. Lots of bacon, lots of cheese, with a vinaigrette sauce for dipping.

The 6 Buffalo chicken egg rolls come with buffalo sauce, filled with chicken, pepperoni and cheese. They are hot and crunchy and delicious.

David took these totally nommular macros

For dessert, I got a crème brulee martini ($7.50):

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  1. i feel like teller's can be very hit or miss re: their food, but that burger looks amazing! the fries too... yum


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