Saturday, July 6, 2013

Le's Pho:

As we pulled the camera out to take some pictures of our sandwiches, as we are usually wont to do, David asked "Did you check the battery before we left?"

"No, but we haven't used it that much ... oh. Yeah. It's dead."

Our new camera, a Fujifilm X100S, is amazing, but man does that thing go through a battery charge like nobody’s business. David and I weren't upset that we'd have to come back to get pictures, though. It was just another excuse to come back and order another sandwich. Like we needed one!

I probably walked by Le's Pho dozens of times on my trips to and from Avril Bleh Meat Market, but until a few weeks ago, had never set foot inside. I don't remember who suggested we try it out, me or David, but ever since, we've been hooked.

These jalapeños are not messing around

I've only had one other sandwich that haunted my dreams like this one--a Terry's Turf Club creation that has long since been retired from their menu.

We've tried all their bánh mìs at this point, as well as some of their other menu items, and my favorite sandwich by far is the báhn mì đặc biệt. Cold cuts, pork, and a little pâté with cucumber and carrots, picked up with a generous amount of cilantro and some spicy-ass jalapeños. And it’s only $4.00! Le’s is a great inexpensive lunch.
Yo, sound the bell, school is in, sucka. This is a baguette you can't touch

While I've gotten sandwiches to go often, they are best eaten in the restaurant, as the bread (which is specially made for them by a bakery on the east side) is warm and crunchy from the convection oven they use. If you stop by, tell them we sent you; the couple that owns the place is as nice as can be.

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