Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Experience Columbus; Skillet:

“I think I’ll get the biscuits and gravy.”

“That’s what I was going to get! Fine, I’ll get the quiche, and I also want to try the squash soup…maybe the grits?”

“Ok, so I’ll get the biscuits and grits, and you’ll get…”

“Ohh, look, pancakes!”

“Argh, do you want the pancakes or the quiche?”


When David and I go out to eat, we usually fall into a pattern of tense negotiations after perusing the menu. There are only two of us, and we usually want to try more than our fair share of items on the menu. We’ve grown to approach the issue as strategically as possible, ordering only the most desired items between the two of us.*

It found it amusing to see similar reactions from our two fellow food bloggers (also invited on an 3-day-all-expense paid tour of the Columbus food scene) sitting across the table from us at Skillet in Columbus. Jane and Terry voiced their choices first, opting for the biscuits and gravy and the hoecakes. David and I looked at each other—those were exactly the dishes we were going to order. Opening our menus again, we scrambled to find our two runners up.

We finally decided upon blueberry pancakes and the rosemary sweet potato hash, as well as some of the house cured cottage ham, which stood out on the menu.


While I had some reservations about the mushrooms in my hash, I quickly got over it and ate much more for breakfast than I usually do—it was that good.

Skillet is a smaller restaurant in the German Village District in Columbus. Chef Kevin Caskey changes the locally-based menu pretty often, so you probably won’t see the same dish on repeated visits. That said, all the dishes we tried were excellent, so you probably won't leave disappointed.

Chef Kevin

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*The exception to this, of course, is Take the Cake Café, where we order just about everything on the menu without shame.