About the Nomerati

Cincinnati Nomerati is written by Laura and David Arnold. 

Who We Are: By day, we're a PR and marketing professional and a web developer, but when we're not at work, you can probably find us at a a local restaurant or in our kitchen. Also look for us at the gym in the squat rack (David) or on the road logging some miles (Laura). Hey, all that eating has to get balanced out somehow

We're both passionate urbanites and live in downtown Cincinnati, with our one cat, Kitty. 

Why We Blog: What began as a simple blog reviewing restaurants hoping we could help other people has become more than a hobby. The creativity of blogging is wonderful, and we love to take pictures and write posts. More often than not, Laura sneaks memes or easter eggs into posts, not that anyone finds them.  

What to Pitch: When we get pitches that fit our blog, we can go above and beyond to throw a party or do a review. We rarely do giveaways. Laura is a cheese fiend, and unapologetically a fan of chicken fingers and a nice dry rosé . We've never accepted payment for blogging about a restaurant or product. It's hard to get us to go out to a restaurant in the suburbs, especially a chain, but we occasionally do so. We do not advertise on our blog. 

Photo Policy: Our photos are protected under a Creative Commons license. We are generally fine with use of our photos as long as credit is given to us and you're not using the photos for profit. If you have questions about using our photos, want us to come out and take shots for you, or would like to use them for your business or nonprofit, contact us and we can try to work something out. 

Nom on. 

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