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Olives is located on Ludlow close to UC, where Uno's used to be a few years ago. Although I was sad to see Uno's go, David, my Mom and I decided to give Olive's brunch a chance.

Parking, as anyone who is familiar with Ludlow knows, can be bad sometimes, but at 11 AM on a Sunday morning, we usually found a meter about a block away. Olives has a bar on the top level, which I have not been to for happy hour yet, but that I know serves Cherry Bombs with Three Olives cherry vodka. Not bad.

You go down the stairs for the main dining area. It's below street level, and has lots of polished wood and interesting photos and articles under the glass table tops.

We have not been for lunch or dinner, only brunch, but lunch and dinner menus are available on their website.

Olives has brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 9- 2 PM. French press coffee is available in cups of 4 ($5.95) or 6 ($7.95), which we found to be very good. They also have a juicer, so they can bring you fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice ($2.00-2.95)

My Mother has gotten the traditional breakfast with two eggs, house potatoes and bacon, which she enjoyed ($5.95) as well as the Deutche eggs—scrambled eggs with sausage patties and cheese served over house potatoes ($6.95).

They do have a vegetarian dish with scrambled tofu and various vegetables ($7.25) I can't vouch for this one, but I think it's a plus that it's offered. Brunch most places offers few vegetarian options if you aren't in the mood for pancakes, waffles or French toast.

David has tried various omelets ($6.95-8.95). He said they were all good, but he didn't rave too much about any of them. He said the "Key west" omelet with avocado and mango salsa was a bit odd. The "From the Sea" omelet with sweet crab, shrimp and provolone and Romano cheese is something different to try. The omelets, along with most of the other things at Olives are very large. We always have leftovers.

I've gotten the French toast with raisin bread ($4.95), which is less like a plate of and more like a gigantic pile of French toast. I liked that it was not swimming in syrup, and the fresh cream it is served with is delicious!

I'd say the best French toast still goes to Bronte Bistro though, sorry Olives.

I've also gotten the Ludlow stack. Three buttermilk pancakes for $4.95. What I was not prepared for was the size of the stack. They matched the diameter of my plate and were thick and fluffy—I had to carve off pieces like I was cutting a cake to a separate plate. Despite how yummy the pancakes were, I didn't think I could eat them all, or else David would have to carry me out.

My brother had gotten the Belgian waffle on occasion, which he said was good. I usually got a side of goetta, which was cooked well though sliced a little bit too thick for me.

I've also gotten a side of oatmeal with gold raisins and brown sugar for $3.95 on our last visit. I had ordered two eggs and goetta as well, and with three other people at the table, there was not a lot of room left.

I should have remembered the portions at Olives when ordering my oatmeal. I envisioned a smaller bowl of oatmeal. You know, normal people sized. When the waitress brought it out, even she seemed to be amused at the fact that I had ordered myself a huge trough of oatmeal that I could only a fourth of.

If you go to brunch at Olives, bring your appetite, and someone that enjoys a good French press coffee.

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