Thursday, January 15, 2009

non-nom; the Cincinnati zoo

When we were not deeply immersed in winter's icy grip as we are now, David and I visited the zoo. Cincinnati has a very nice zoo, if you have not been, you should go. David and I saw lots of animals, as evidenced by our pictures below.

Our first stop was the lemurs, who were all chilling out in the shade. It was a pretty sunny day.

Next, we went inside to the cat house and saw this little guy, though I can’t remember what this is.

The sand cats looked so cute we wanted to take one home.

Here’s a snoozing fishing cat.

And a bobcat, looking fuzzy.

The gorillas were David’s favorite. The air was cool enough that the warm sun must have felt nice. They all came out of their cave.

The two cheetahs were pretty cute:

The tiger was intense. We got lucky, after a few minutes he plopped behind a log and refused to come out, leaving visitors with a view only of the tip of his twitchy tail.

and of course, the peacocks. Am I the only one who’s scared of peacocks?


Sleepy lions:

And bear paw pads!

We saw the gibbons too, about a week later one escaped and bit someone on the leg in the parking lot. I bet it was this one, he looks like he's plotting something...

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