Saturday, January 31, 2009

The second annual Midwinter beer festival:

If you need me on Friday night, February 6th, this is where I'll be. David and I went last year, and tried over 50 types of beer. We also got commemorative glasses!

They probably will have some food, but last year it was gone as soon as they brought it out. Maybe they will plan a little better this year.

We met with the dogfish head vendor for the northeast, who we met again at the dogfish head beer tasting last year at Jungle Jims a few months later.

I also learned the secret about KY bourbon barrel ale—the ABV is missing from the bottle, the box, and even the website. No one seemed to know what it is, though Nicholson's likes to claim it is 10 %.

I asked the KY bourbon barrel ale vendor, and he said it depends on the bourbon barrel. The "wetter" the barrel, the higher the ABV. He said that it averages between 7-9 %.

We went to Nicholson's shortly thereafter and I corrected our server on his erroneous claim.

I remember wandering over to the Mt. Carmel brewer table near the end and raving about how much I loved their beers.

Then we walked over to Frisch's next door and had grilled cheese and burgers. I highly recommend attending the festival. At $35.00 a person, it may seem a little pricey, but keep in mind that you are paying for unlimited amounts of over 76 different types of beer.

See you there!

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