Monday, January 12, 2009


David and I go to Nicholson's often. David loves his scotch, and Nicholson's has plenty of that.

Nicholson's is a Scottish themed Bar, and they actually have one real Scotsman working there that we know of. His name is Duncan, and he is our Scotch advisor. If you like Scotch, try to track him down and ask him for his recommendations. The Scotch Sampler is 17.50, and you get to try 3 different types of scotches. It's a pretty good value.

The Drinks:

They have plenty of beers on Tap and in bottles. David and I have tried many of them. Some are pretty common, some are not. Strongbow Cider, Guinness, Boddingtons, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale: 7-9.5 % ABV, and rotating cask ales. Last time we visited I tried the three hopped beer, Loose Cannon from Clipper city brewing that was very good and a martini—Nicholson's has a list of about 8. I've also enjoyed Goose Island's Matilda and David sometimes orders an Old Speckled Hen. And of course, plenty of Scotch.

The food:

If you come at dinner time you get scotch toast and butter, which I prefer to rolls. I'm all for crunchy little toasts.

The Scotch Egg ($7.95) is good—it's pretty much like it is described on the menu, a hard boiled egg that is wrapped in some sort of bread/sausage combination and served on a "nest" of crunchy fried noodles with mustard in artful little squiggles around the plate. If you are considering ordering it, ask yourself the following questions: Do you like hardboiled eggs? Do you like sausage? If the answer is no to either one of those questions, I'd avoid it, even if the crunchy noodles look appealing.

David tried the Wood Smoked Mussels ($10.95) on one of our trips. He said they were decent, but not very fresh. Maybe we caught them on an off day, but we haven't tried them again, so it remains a mystery.

I've gotten the Spinach and Artichoke dip ($9.95) once, it was OK. I think my feeling towards it is "Meh". Could be better. It was good, but nothing really stood out. It says it has Guinness in it, but I felt it didn't really make too much of a difference.

The Red Pepper Hummus ($8.95) is very good and served with lots of vegetables and pitas. I'd recommend it as a vegetarian friendly option.

The Pub Crisps ($7.95) are served in a giant pile—seriously, if you order them, it's probably going to take two people to finish them. As I remember, they are kettle type chips. They reminded me of the Saratoga chips served at Montgomery Inn.

If I don't want dinner, I usually get an order of Fried Pickles ($7.95). Their batter is slightly spicy, but I'd say if you can handle ROTEL dip you should be safe with these. These would probably be my favorite appetizer. I like the creamy dill dip.

As for entrees, David and have tried the Pub Grinder—a sandwich with turkey, salami bacon and a variety of other toppings, which he said was good and not too expensive. ($10.95) The Prime rib is also very good as well. David got it and liked it.

The Fish and Chips (13.95) are very good. They are breaded, not beer battered and fried, but the fish is fresh and crispy and very yummy. They are served with nice big steak fries.

The best entrée we've gotten has to have been the Cinnamon Roasted Pork Loin that's only available after 5. It's served with a sweet potato casserole that is delicious. If you're hungry and like pork, I'd recommend it. David got it and I got something else and once I had tried a little, I completely ignored what I'd gotten and stole it from shared it with him.

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