Monday, January 12, 2009

Our Jeff Ruby Experience, in increments:

The past two years, we have visited Jeff Ruby restaurants on my birthday in July. So far we've only been to the Precinct and Carlo and Johnny's.

The Precinct is the "original" Jeff Ruby restaurant and it is located in the Columbia Tusculum area. There are pros and cons to the Precinct. The food is great, David and I each got steaks, obviously, which were cooked very well, and I was even got free cake because it was my birthday.

The biggest con is how small the place actually is. We sat right next to another couple who was going to the opera and had been drinking pretty heavily. As he was sloppily gesticulating with his steak knife in my direction, I cringed a little. The restaurant really loses intimacy when I'm worried about somebody losing their grip on a steak knife and me losing an eye. You can't help but overhear other diner's discussions, and it makes it very awkward. It's kind of like when you hear your co-workers on the phone at work. You don't want to listen….but you don't really have a choice unless you move farther away.

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  1. weird that you write about overhearing a coworker's conversation even if you don't want to. As I read your post I can actually hear my neighbor talk to his wife about their son's uniform (he's serving in one of the forces). Seriously??! I don't need to hear that, or anything else, for that matter!

    What's with the opera going drunks? Hopefully next time the experience will be better for you!


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