Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy hour at the Palomino...beware the mojito:

Sometimes after a hard day of paralegalling, I ask David to meet me for happy hour downtown. We've tried a variety of different places, but I figured I would start with the Palomino.

The Palomino's happy hour runs from 5-7. During which, pizzas that are normally $12.00 are $5.00.

The pizzas have a variety of different types, but our favorite is the pepperoni. The white cheese pizza has roasted garlic paste under the cheese, so while it may taste delicious while you are eating it, later you may have some crazy garlic breath. And when I mean later, I mean after you have brushed your teeth—twice.

The fries are waffle style with gorgonzola cheese crumbled over them, and a good option for my gluten intolerant mother.

Most appetizers are ½ off, which is a pretty good deal. David and I have also tried the fondue—David liked it, but I was not too impressed, to me the cheese tasted a little funny. I'd stick with the pizza. It has a thin crust, but it's more than enough for one person.

They have some sort of wine deal during happy hour, and some amount off of cocktails, a few dollars, I think. They make an excellent martini. I've had a chocolate, a lemon, and watermelon martini and I liked them all.

David's favorite is the collection martini, which involves Ketel One and Laphroaig scotch. He says that the smoky scotch lends the martini a nice smoky taste, like bacon.

What we did not like was the mojito. Select drinks, including a basic appletini style cocktail and a mojito are $3.00. A mojito generally includes rum, simple syrup and lime, muddled with mint. The Palomino makes its own lime concoction daily that they are very proud of, but it's way too sour for me.

I rarely send drinks back and doggedly tried to finish, but every sip was like being punched in the face with citrus. I switched it out for a watermelon martini instead.

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