Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oceanaire Happy Hour (closed):

***Update: Oceanaire is now closed. The space is now occupied by Bartini.****

David and decided to check out the Oceanaire for happy hour a few weeks ago. We figured it would be expensive, but we were very curious. David and I met there at around 6—I got there before him and had a few Mai Tais, which I found quite tasty. They were $7.00 during happy hour in the lounge but worth it.

Our bartender was very nice. He said that he used to work at Guido's in Mount Adams, but started at the Oceanaire when it first opened. As David and I were sitting there with our Mai Tai and Laphroaig, we were brought out complimentary little dishes with salmon on biscotti and fried leeks. It was unexpected and we appreciated it.

David stuck with the "oysters of the day" for $1.25 a piece, and we also got the flash fried calamari—extremely good—for $5.00 and the beef sliders—which I'd say were average—for $7.00. David also got the tuna carpaccio, which he liked and I refused to touch. Our nice bartender, after David spoke to him about different types of oysters, arranged to have David brought out two different types from different geographic locations to try for funzies. (and for free!)

The Oceanaire is a little sneaky like Morton's. Their drinks are pricey, but I'd say nowhere near as egregious and the Mai Tai's are nice and strong.

I'd say drinks (as usual) are what spiked our bill up, but David and I were expecting it and it was worth it to satisfy our curiosity. David and I agree they have the best fried Calamari.

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