Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tazza Mia:

Tazza Mia opened up a new place downtown and we've wandered over there a couple times for lunch in the past. We went back Monday afternoon. If you go around 1, it's pretty quiet and they have upstairs seating that's hidden away. I enjoy their creamy chicken and wild rice soup, which can be obtained in a cup or bowl. It's what I usually get.


David got the pot roast Panini—pot roast, carrots and mushrooms—which he likes and I usually nab some when he's not looking (except for the mushrooms, blech.)

pot roast panini

Chicken and wild rice soup

When he was going through his "pumpkin period" he really enjoyed their pumpkin spice latte. I've had their peppermint mocha and was pleased that it came with crunchy bits of candy cane on top.

They also have Hannah Banana bread, which I was introduced to at Kitty's coffee. Seriously, this has to be some of the best banana bread ever, even though it is flown in from Chicago and not made locally. David makes banana bread for me sometimes we are still perfecting our recipe. His is better because of the love in it. Tazza mia has a selection of delicious cookies to choose from. They also used to have the waffles. The Belgian waffles. If you've had one before, you know what I'm talking about.

The only places I know of now to get these waffles are Findlay market (their original source) or at the coffee shop on Madison close to the Bonbonerie. They are delicious. I was so excited when I found them at Tazza Mia when it first opened that I ran around the office with my waffle I bought making people try little pieces.

I was sad this afternoon when I asked for a waffle (they are still on the menu) and was told they don't have them anymore. I asked the cashier why, and she said that they weren't selling enough to justify renting the waffle maker. I guess at $3.95 per waffle, the price may scare some people away, but they are worth it for a nice treat.

Janelle came to lunch with me and got the Mediterranean salad, which she liked, though she prefers iceberg lettuce to the spring mix. She said it had lots of cheese on it.

David brought his coworkers, Matt and Thomas as well. They both got different Paninis.

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