Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DIY Nom, Wild sockeye salmon vs. Farm raised Atlantic salmon:

David and I were in the mood for fish—maybe we were both low on Omega3's—so we decided to make some salmon last week.

We ventured over to the Kroger fresh fare in Kenwood and picked up an Atlantic salmon filet and a pound of sockeye salmon. They looked different, but we were not sure what the difference would be cooked. The Atlantic salmon was pinker and seemed flakier, the sockeye had more a red hue and was firmer.

We picked up some lemon and fresh dill too.

We took our fishies home and then tried to figure out if we should use Madeira or dry sherry to cook them with. We can to the conclusion that Madeira cooking wine's sweeter qualities would go well on say, a pork chop, but ruin our fish. We went with the dry sherry.

David pan grilled the fish and made the sauce with lemon and dill. I wish we had taken pictures, but we didn't think of it at the time—we were both very impatient to try the finished product.

In the end, we preferred the Sockeye. It did have a firmer consistency, while the Atlantic was flakier and lighter.

I just looked up pictures of Sockeye Salmon and they are scary! Do you know when they move from freshwater to saltwater they turn red and grow some wicked teeth? Yikes.

Teeth or no teeth, they are delicious.

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