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non-nom:The Celestial, December 30th 2007

The Celestial holds a special place in our lives because we got married there! David and I have been married for over a year now.

I've always been pretty impulsive and impatient. I've also turned into somewhat of a minimalist in my last few years. Thus, the idea of a big wedding that takes months to plan wasn't really what I had in mind.

That November, we first thought about eloping to Vegas the next month over the holidays but airfare is very expensive, not to mention our family members all had different schedules.

So, I talked to my Dad and he agreed to help us pay for a room at the Celestial, the Ascot, which seats 7 people. (We were able to squeeze in 9—both our parents, my brother, sister and stepmom.)

Yes, it's a steakhouse, but it's a very nice steakhouse with a killer view of the city.
With the help of my parents, David, and a very large wet erase wall calendar, we managed to plan the wedding in less than a month.

I had all the basics....the dress..

the shoes...

the rings..
And of course the cake—Graeter's black raspberry chip ice cream cake—David's one request.

I had flowers put together by an exceptional local florist Robin Wood consisting of lilies and delphinium.
We were also lucky enough to snag the best photographers ever—Jessica and Brett of Studio 3z.

The sun came out on December 30th last year and it wasn't actually too cold, so we went outside after our short ceremony for pictures. It was just setting when we were about ready to go inside…

We had fancy munchies while everyone was getting their pictures taken and the waitstaff set up the room we had used for the ceremony for our "reception" dinner…

And David and I snuck away to the wine cellar with Jessica for a few final photos.

After we were done with dinner, we both were so amped up that everything went well that we went to Dave and Busters and played House of the Dead in our wedding gear.

The next day David and I flew out to Vegas for our honeymoon.

It rocked.

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