Sunday, January 18, 2009

Palomino update:

Last Wednesday we went to Palomino for happy hour with my Mom. She sampled the red Sangria (they have red and white) while I had a Mai Tai (8.00) and a Sierra Nevada Pale ale($4.00). I got a pepperoni pizza ($5.00). David and I think that the Palomino has spread their love of garlic to their other pizzas now, because my pizza was very garlicky. I had about two slices and took the rest home in a box.

Mom tried the asparagus with fried egg ($6.00) and she said it was very good. I wouldn't know because I do not like asparagus.

David has Laphroaig scotch neat and the smoked pork belly, lamb sausage and potato fingerling.($6.00) He didn't like the smoked pork belly. We've been wanting to try it since this post in A Dork and His Pork, but I don't think the Palomino represented it very well. Yes, it was pork. Yes, it was smoked. But David said that it had an acrid taste to it that he didn't care for. He compared it to pepperoni. I'm sure it could be better.

The lamb sausage was passable sausage, and David liked the potatoes. He got pieces of crispy flatbread for dipping, as the bacon, potatoes and sausage were swimming in a little puddle of oil and cooking juices.

My Mai Tai was good, and I tried some of the Sangria. My mom makes very good homemade sangria, but I would get the Palomino's again.

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