Sunday, January 11, 2009

Burger Obsession

David and I were reading A Hamburger Today earlier this week and had burgers on the brain. If you love burgers, you should subscribe to that website. Seriously, I imagine that if someone really loved burgers, it would be akin to some sort of beef pornography. Although it is quite frustrating because it reviews burgers all over the country and even if a burger looks really good, I can't eat it because it's in some small town in Montana. AHT can be an evil temptress sometimes.

We decided to go to Arthur's in Hyde Park.

A while back, I remember having a conversation with a friend about the best burger in Cincinnati. It seems to change from year to year. Zip's, Mt. Adams Bar and Grill and Arthur's always seem to be involved, but it seems to be some sort of burger race that never ends; nothing definitive really comes out.

David and still have not tried Terry's Turf Club. We need to round up a posse and head over there. Liz claims they have the best burger in Cincinnati. Having been to Arthur's several times along with Zip's and Mt. Adams Bar and Grill, I think it is only fair. Terry's also has a good selection of Belgian beers, a big plus.

From our experience so far, Arthur's is our current favorite burger. The toppings are varied (though it seems not as much as Terry's) and the burgers are big and juicy. David orders his medium and it has never been over or undercooked.

While Zip's burgers are made of high quality meat and they do offer the "Girth burger" with a split Mett on top, it has a tiny dining area and Mt. Lookout parking can be pretty wacky. Also, their burgers can be very juicy one day, and not so good on the next visit, so they lose points on consistency. [David's note: I have been burned several times taking people to Zip's after hyping it, only to have the burgers come out crap]

Mt. Adams Bar and Grill has a decent burger as well, but the shining star on their menu is the fries. They are more consistent about the quality of the burger than Zip's. But honestly, the fries, dear God! [Another note from David: Get the fries with the cheese dip. So good...]

Another plus about Arthur's that everyone should know about that puts them ahead are the other options on the menu. The fried cheese is beer battered, totally unlike anything that you may envision for fried cheese; it's not those little sticks at Friday's. If you get an order of it, make sure that you get it to share. I imagine that if you wanted to, you could eat it all by yourself, just like I could probably eat a whole pizza if I tried really hard, but I'd be really unhappy afterward. The Chicken fingers are also delicious. The loaded fries are really loaded -- lots of bacon. Yummy! Yay for bacon.

The nachos are good as well, although David and I have said the best chili nachos are at Bar Louie in Newport. The wings, which I got today, are good, although second to the Dilly Deli.

As for drinks, they make a basic Appletini for 2.25! They also have Guinness and Blue Moon on tap.

One of the best things about Arthur's is the attitude of the servers. Every time we have visited, we've had a good experience. The servers work together to help all the customers in the restaurant. Drink empty? It's refilled by the first person that notices, whether it's "their" table or not. They all work together to make sure that everyone is taken care of. David and I think that is super awesome.

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  1. My boss and I have been in search of Cincy's best burger. So far we've been to Zip's, Oakley Pub and Grill, and Quatman Cafe. So far, Quatman Cafe has blown the others away. We're going to try Arthur's tomorrow.


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