Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mio's pizza:

Mio's has several locations in Cincinnati. One is in Oakley/Hyde Park, and there are six other locations around the Cincinnati area.

Mio's specialty is the stuffed pizza, which you can get with a variety of toppings.

Their pizza consists of a large, deep dish crust that is filled with cheese, tomatoes and the toppings of your choice. It's run through the oven once. They pull it back out of the oven. Then, they cover the top with another piece of dough and run it through the oven a second time. When it comes out, they put tomato sauce on top and sprinkle cheese on top of that. It is, quite literally, a pizza pie.

David and I found the Mio's in Oakley/Hyde Park to be delicious. It's addicting, and we've put it right up there with some of the best pizza we've had in Cincinnati.

But we stopped getting it, and this is why.

The pizza is delicious, part of its appeal being the texture of crunchy crust and hot toppings when it is fresh. If you can't eat the whole thing (and we couldn't, though we tried) it does not keep well. You can try to resuscitate it in the toaster oven, but you end up with some sort of Franken-pizza that is only a shadow of its former self.

Mio's has no parking lot. None. Ninguno. Nada. Nary a space. Don't even think about parking in Taco Casa's lot—they will tow your ass for sure. Mio's has a couple tables for dining in, but it is very teeny.

So, no problem, right? Just get it delivered. For a while David and I were ordering pizza every other day. I know, we had a problem.

Our apartment, according to Google maps, is 3.0 miles away from Mio's. An average of 8 minutes. David and I tipped our delivery people very well, because we realized that it may be a little far for them. I usually expect pizza delivery to extend in a 5 mile circle around the location, but maybe I expect too much. I should probably ask what the policy is from someone who delivers pizzas. Anyone know?

Around the fifth time we had ordered, David went downstairs to get our pizza and was informed by the delivery person in a very Bill and Ted style voice that:

"I am required to inform you….that your apartment….. is out of range….and we've just been delivering because we're not that busy,…but that one day you may call for pizza… and we may say …"

At this point David and I decided no more Mio's. If 3 measly miles (which I used to run on the high school cross country team on an easy day) is too far for someone to get in their car and drive and get a nice tip, then fine Mio's management. Have it your way. No more delivery orders from us. Wouldn't want to put you out any and support your business. It's a good thing that you're so busy.

Yes, I'm a teeny weeny bit bitter about their delivery policies. Despite that. I'd still recommend going to one of their other locations, which I think are bigger, and trying their pizza.

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