Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dilly Deli:

After our bi-monthy pilgrimage to Tycoon Harry's for haircuts, David and I usually stop by the Dilly Deli in Mariemont. The Dilly Deli is a deli and a beer and wine store. They have a wide selection of wine at very decent prices, and their beer selection is very good.

They always have 11 craft brews on tap. They range from dark (Stone Russian Imperial Stout) to lighter (Golden Carolus Triple). They rotate month to month, so it's always a surprise. They also have a full bar, but with the awesome brews available, David and I have not tried it. Dilly Deli has bought themselves a Guinness "Surger" which is interesting to watch.

I took a few pictures of the beer list a few months ago:

The food is great. They have a Beer Cheese ($8.00) that is slightly spicy, a little tangy and served hot or cold with bread. David and I get it whenever we visit….unless they are out. It's pretty popular, but it's only happened once.

The Dilly Wings ($5.50-9.00), as I have said, are the best I've had. They are lightly breaded and hot and juicy. Dilly Deli has a variety of sauces to choose from. I usually choose the sweet barbecue.

I tried the Potstickers ($7.00) one day when they were out of wings, and I didn't like them very much. David said they were alright, but not as spectacular as the beer cheese or the wings. I don't think I am a Potsticker person.

Our hairstylist likes the Mariemont Gobbler ($8.00), a turkey, brie and cranberry chutney sandwich on a baguette.

They also have Sweet Potato fries ($4.00) which are served with apple butter. I love sweet potatoes in general, and these are a favorite for dessert. Think about it….sweet potato fries… butter. My stomach just growled.

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