Monday, January 12, 2009

The Pub at Rookwood Mews, the best battered fish in Cincy:

The same group that owns The Pub owns Nicholson's. The Pub, however is British themed as opposed to Scottish.

The pub has a wide selection of beers available. When we went last week, I stuck with a Belhaven's Twisted Thistle for some nice hops, and David got a regular Belhaven. They also have Boddington's, Fullers London Pride, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale and a variety of others. They have a nice cocktail list as well if you are not a beer fan. They serve Pimms which a friend of mine went bonkers over—apparently it's an ingredient in a drink that's served in the UK called a Pimm's cup. We ended up searching for the place where Pimms can be bought –the pub must get it from somewhere-- and found it at Hyde Park Wine and Spirits. You wouldn't expect it, but The Party Source in Bellevue does not currently stock Pimms.

The Pub had a seasonal menu where they used Lindeman's raspberry framboise beer to make a float with vanilla ice cream. It's delicious and David and I made it at home for about a month before we decided enough with the ice cream already.

By far The Pub's most popular dish is Fish and Chips ($11.95). If you sit by the kitchen, half of the dishes coming out of it are plates of the crunchy, beer battered golden yumminess. David and I agree it is the best that we have had yet in Cincinnati. They will even split it for you if you like.

David and I have gotten the British Dip Platter ($14.95), as well, which is very good and recommended for sharing. It includes Spinach and Artichoke Dip, Crab Dip and Goat Cheese Dip with some Marinara.

On our last visit, I opted for the Chicken Wings ($8.25), which I like. I'd place them right behind Dilly Deli.

David and I have tried many of their other entrees—Shepherds Pie, ($10.95) Bangers and Mash, ($10.95) the Pub Burger ($8.95), but I'd say that if you are going there and you like fish and chips, get the fish and chips.

They currently have a bread pudding that is phenomenal. The bread pudding at Nicholson's is covered in a super sweet sauce that puts you in a sugar coma before you are home, but the Pub's is not as intense and much more original. David and I shared it last week. The tipsy laird ($5.95) is fried poundcake with berries, also delicious.

Some other things about the pub:

It has some of the same dishes as Nicholson's but they are very different depending on where you are. Nicholson's fish and chips is breaded, the pubs is beer battered. Nicholson's bread pudding is served in a martini glass with lots of syrup, and the pub's is on a plate with a milder sauce.

Monday night is quiz night and it is packed. If you go, it's half price fish and chips, but be prepared for it to be slammed.

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  1. oooh, good tip re: the fish and chips... i haven't found any that i really liked in cincinnati.


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