Saturday, January 31, 2009

Imperial IPA of the day, Bells Hopslam:

The case of joy

Wednesday was a glorious day, because on Wednesday, David and I opened our case of Bell's Hopslam. I picked it up a few weeks ago at Hyde Park Wine and Spirits. Hopslam, hands down, is the best hoppy beer on the market.

At 10% ABV, it's also one of the strongest. Gravity 1.087.

Hopslam is one of our favorite beers, if not our # 1—but Bells only releases it January through February! So when our friend Kyle at HPWS told me they were getting it in, I wasted no time getting a case.

It is kind of expensive, the price has jumped 3.00 a 6 pack from last year, making a 6 pack 17.99 instead of 14.99. I blame the hop and malt shortage. The case cost me 72.00. It's worth every penny.

Our fridge, where I've collected beer logos of note.

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