Monday, January 12, 2009

Barbe-Quest: Mr. Pig (closed)

*****Update: Mr. Pig has passed away, and while his wife kept the smokers running for awhile, the space has been inactive for the past year. Rest in peace, Mr. Pig. You are missed.******

Mr. Pig is located in Findlay Market. David and I found it one day when we followed the delicious aroma of smoked meat to the storefront. Ever see those cartoons where a scent hooks someone under the nose and leads them to its source? It was pretty much like that.

Mr. Pig was still with us then, and he took our order from behind the podium. His wife runs the business now, and they have renovated their space a little—but the barbecue remains The. Best. Ever.

Mr. Pig has four types of sauces—mild, medium, hot and extra hot. David and I prefer the mild sauce—it has a ketchup base. We've tried the medium as well, but still prefer the mild. The medium has a bit too much salt in it for us. We've never ventured to hot or extra hot.

At Mr. Pig, you can get ribs, rib tips, beef brisket, and barbecue chicken. Chicken and Brisket are good, but you'll be missing out if you don't get the ribs or rib tips. Because I don't like trying to nom on a giant bone with the amount of meat on it that a small pork chop contains, we usually get the rib tips. One large order is more than enough for two people—David and I usually have leftovers. The meet is smoky and pleasantly salty, the outsides are crispy from being the smoker for hours, but the meet itself is very tender.

Go Mr. Pig, Go!

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