Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Celestial December 30th 2008:

David and I went back to the Celestial for our Anniversary.

David looked at the menu and chose to start with a salad ($7.00) and 6 oysters ($13.50). I ordered a cosmopolitan ($8.50). David chose to get a grey goose vodka and tonic (6.25) and a Guinness ($4.75).

For dinner, I stuck with the 8 ounce filet with béarnaise sauce ($31.00) and David chose the swordfish ($28.00). I had the "celestial spicy green beans" as a side which were not that spicy, mostly just salty.

My filet was very well cooked and I thought it was delicious. I didn't really care for the green beans. David and I both liked the swordfish. We were both stuffed at that point and opted out of dessert because we had been eating the yummy crunchy bread, which is served with little rosettes of butter.

If you didn't notice from the last post, the view at the Celestial is incredible. The restaurant is a conglomeration of polished wood and brass, and it's very classy. David's one complaint is they don't have Laphroaig scotch, but you can't always get everything you want.

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  1. I was looking for a place to take my boyfriend for his birthday, this looks great! Thanks for sharing it helps :)


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