Monday, January 12, 2009

Non-Nom: Kirsch autmotive mechanics

My parents each have their respective mechanics that they trust and like to go to, as I imagine many other people do. When paying for repairs you want a place that will guarantee their work, get it done quickly and not jerk you around. My car, a 1994 Camry LE that has seen better days, and David's car, a 2001 Mustang, have recently been in and out of the shop.

A few months ago, David's front right ball joint fractured—that means that the wheel pretty much fell off—and we had to have the car towed up to Kirsch Automotive in Fairfield to have them look at it.

We found Kirsch through some Internet searching awhile back. They are open on Saturdays 8-4, which is a plus. Like many mechanics, they don't have an appointment book. You drop your car off and they get to it as soon as they can. Often it is in the same day.

When you get your receipt back it is itemized exactly. When you have complaints they write them all down and address them individually, with their findings also on your receipt. When parts are replaced they stick the broken ones in little "cubbies" and if you would like, they show them to you. They will call you and let you know of the progress and estimates as soon as they are sure of the amount.

They have a partnership with Fox towing in Fairfield. If you call Fox and ask to have your car towed to Kirsch, Fox shows up, takes your car and it's added to your repair bill.

It's a pretty good deal. As someone who really does not like taking my car into the mechanic, I find Kirsch really does whatever they can to make it an easier experience for you.

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