Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Power hour at Morton's, home of the $12 Smirnoff Martini

I read about "Power hour", at Morton's and surprised David by telling him to meet me there after work.

Morton's is very tricky with their "happy hour".

Their drink prices are insane. They want 12 dollars for a martini with Smirnoff. SRSLY, I could buy a whole bottle of it for that. Morton's has no beers on tap, only bottles they gouge you for. [Note from David: I think that Smirnoff is one of the most gag-inducing vodkas on the planet, right next to Stoli]

But they lure you in with 4 filet mignon sandwiches, 3 prime mini cheeseburgers, and 3 crab cakes, oysters on the half shell, shrimp cocktail, and chicken goujonettes (a fancy word for chicken fingers) for $5.00-6.00 each.

Their happy hour mainly focuses on food, so if you want to go there and get some high quality appetizers and a diet coke that may thwart their scheme. I would not be surprised if they've thought of that already and require you to purchase a drink. Power hour runs from 5-6:30 and 9:30-11:00.

When David and I went, we got the Prime Rib Cheeseburgers, the 4 Filet Sandwiches and the 3 Mini Crab Cakes. The burgers were good, they were very tall and tasty.

The Prime Rib Sandwiches were also high quality and I'd get them again.

The mini Crab Cakes were the best part. We got them mostly for David because I didn't like crab cakes….or at least I thought I didn't. They were delicious. I have very little experience with crab cakes, but David has tried a few around town (including the Dilly Deli) and says that Morton's are the best.

Any other places to get good crab cakes? I'm open to suggestions.

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