Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RP McMurphy's, the Best Irish Coffee Evar:

"You know you want me."

I went to RP McMurphy's with a single purpose—to get some spectacular Irish coffee. I saw a picture in CinWeekly of someone caramelizing a glass over an open flame and I couldn't get it out of my head.

David was also in the middle of his cigar smoking kick at that point, so we made a deal: I'd get Irish coffee and sit by the fire outside, and he'd smoke his stinky cigar (downwind) and drink bourbon. It was a good compromise.

When you go to RPMcmurphy's to get Irish coffee, you have to ask for the list of coffees. It contains about 11 or so, along with a short Martini list.

The "classic" coffee there includes the sugar coated glass, coffee, baileys, triple sec, and Jameson whiskey with whipped cream and crème de menthe drizzled over top. It is (only) $6.00.

If you want something without the hard stuff in it, you can get an Irish coffee with baileys and Godiva chocolate liqueur.

The options are pretty much wide open, as long as they have it at the bar. They have Sierra Nevada on tap, and they rotate in different seasonal Great Lakes Brews, along with your standard bubba beers.

Wednesday is bomb night. The bar sells pink lemonade and Ketel One by the pitcher.

The bar tenders are very nice, and seem to enjoy their job. Some enjoy sugar coating the glass more than others. They hold the glass and sugar shaker over a can of sterno and sprinkle the sugar on a syrup coated glass. The sugar hits the flames and they leap towards the ceiling, artfully dodged by the bartender.

There are many "regulars" at RP's, so don't be surprised. Also, if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, it does get pretty busy. It has the reputation as a hookup joint for late 20's and early 30's.

I'd recommend going on an off night and enjoying a peaceful drink. They do have a jukebox that more often than not gets louder as the night goes on and live music some nights.

RP Mcmurphy's does not have food unless you count the popcorn machine in the back, but you can wander over to Chipotle down the street if you get hungry.

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