Thursday, February 5, 2009

Super bowl par-tay:

Went over to our friend Jon's house for superbowl party on Sunday evening. David and I aren't big fans of sports—we don't even have a TV.

Yeah, I know, we fit the
SWPL profile pretty well.

However, Jon makes excellent, dangerously spicy chili and I always like hanging out with his lovely girlfriend, Nicole. There's also Reagan, his excitable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who takes joy in the simpler things in life, like chasing ice cubes across the kitchen floor.

Ah; to be so easily amused..
Food, friends, and fuzzies. I can't think of a better combination to lure me into the vicinity of mainstream sports television.

We brought Uno's pizzas to make in the oven, and a large box of Spaten and Spaten Optimator. I also brought a six pack of Hopslam, which I couldn't resist picking up.

We had wings…

Sausage on crispy toasts...

you can call it whatever colloquial name you like, I'm calling it sausage on toast.

chocolate, including brownies, a giant cookie and M & M's.

The dangerous Chili. Damn you, Jon, and your irresitably spicy chili!

And this pizza, which I thought was awesome. It's cut into tiny pieces, which I really liked. That way, as another party goer pointed out, it’s much more difficult to realize that you've eaten half the pizza by yourself—just in 1 inch by one inch increments.

It isn't a party without chips

Dont ask me what this is doing here. Jones Candy Corn Soda from 2002.

Homemade jalepeno cheesy bread

There were two other fuzzy dogs there running around, and two little ones.


He is going to master guitar hero by the time he's 6

Someone was a bit tired from the festivities

Double ZZZonk

David’s lap was a pretty comfortable chair, though his legs fell asleep.

David and I left a little after halftime, right after seeing Bruce Springsteen’s powerslide gone awry.

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  1. That insidiously edible pizza was from Marion's, the most totally awesome pizza place in Dayton, arguably the world!


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