Friday, February 27, 2009


O'Bryon’s would probably be our “local” as our neighbor from the UK calls it. Your local pub, as I imagine it, would probably be characterized by comfortable atmosphere, good service, dishes you enjoy, and the fact you can throw peanuts on the floor.

O'Bryon’s fits the bill, right down to the peanuts.

I first read about the Shark tank, their signature drink, in Cinweekly a year ago.I immediately insisted that David and I go so that I could get one.

What’s a shark tank? 4 shots of vodka, sprite, sour mix and a rubber shark filled with grenadine in a cup you get to take home. For $6.00. You pour the shark’s contents into your drink, turning the whole thing pink. Vodka? Kitschy Rubber sharks? Inexpensive? I’m in.


I also get the deluxe grilled cheese, with two types of cheese and tomato, to accompany my shark tank.

O'Bryon’s has expanded their menu in the last few months and seems to have upped the quality of their food. And if you’re not that hungry, there’s always an endless supply of peanuts. Beer selection is fairly limited, but Blue Moon and Guinness are on tap, which I find acceptable. The staff is always very friendly and there are a lot of regulars.

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