Friday, February 27, 2009

La Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen Ipa Tripel:

I would love to tell you more about La Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen Ipa Tripel . I really would. Except that when I opened this deceptively quiescent bottle, it exploded La Chouffe Houblon Dobbelen Ipa Tripel foam all over the counter.

I have no idea why, I didn’t agitate the bottle prior to opening it, and it was sitting in the fridge peacefully minding its own business among our various leftover takeout boxes for two days. The little left in the bottle had lots of yeast and sediment floating in it. I tried a little, but it tasted like a watered down IPA. It is a very strange beer.


  1. You might want to open your next one more carefully as this is one of the finest crafted beers on the planet, and watered down would be akin to calling the pope Jewish!

  2. That may be, but my bottle was still possessed. I suspect that it was not refrigerated properly at the party source. I'll have to give it another shot.


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