Friday, February 13, 2009

Cincinnati Imports Happy Hour:

Liz and Jeff

David dropped me off at the Cincinnati Imports happy hour at the Oakley Pub and Grill and I was unprepared for how packed it was. I took a few pictures. Also, there's a CinWeekly photo gallery...can you find the Nomerati?

I looked at the packed bar and decided first things first. I ordered a tall Blue Moon and opened a tab. I then made my way over to the corner where the name tags were.

There I found
Liz, who I recognized immediately, and Avani. I got my name tag while Liz pointed out the other bloggers there. The first I talked to was Allison, writer of Chickpeas, please, who I talked to for quite awhile and really enjoyed meeting.

Ashish and Allison

I met so many interesting and awesome people throughout the night, bloggers and imports and non imports. I thought it was a very successful event—congratulations Liz, Avani and Lauren! We talked about Cincinnati and our jobs, where we were from, restaurants, food, movies and cats. I was glad for the name tags, I’m horrible with names.

On to the 2nd Blue Moon—and I saw another familiar face! Jeff of
a Dork and His Pork strolled in and we had a great conversation about seasoned pans, how he should have his own cooking show,Dark City, and pork belly. Yum….pork belly.

I saw Kate, of
Kate’s random musings and 5chw4r7z and Ms. 5chw4r7z. I met the fabulous Food Hussy, and told 5chw4r7z about the wonders of an automatic litterbox and how I’m wary of twitter. I met members of the Cincinnati Supper club, an interesting idea that I’m going to have to check out.

I talked to Liz for a little while. Get in mah belly was the first Cincinnati food blog that David and I read; I really enjoyed meeting her and telling her how helpful and fun her posts are. I met the writer of Clark Street Blog.

I felt a little like a stalker because if you’re on my blog roll, I read your posts. I know what you did last week. I know what restaurant you didn’t like and if you got a new kitten.

Jeff, Kate, Brian, Bob

I then saw another import who I didn’t know would be attending—our next door neighbor, Chris! He’s from the UK and we’ve been out with him a few times (we drug him to the Pub Rookwood). We’ve also run into him at Teller’s.

I declined another Blue Moon—I was getting pretty chatty and easily distracted, which is usually a good time to call it quits. I still needed to have dinner. David came and picked me up and I told him all the way home about what a great time I had and all the people that I met. Next time I’m dragging him out with me to meet all the fantastic people that I talked with last night. I think I can bribe him with sushi…..


  1. Hey Laura! It was really good to meet you and chat last night. Also a heads up, our mug shot is up on Cin Weekly's website. Overall, a very enjoyable evening! Hope to see you around many more, and I'll definitely be seeing you around the Cincinnati blog-o-sphere!

  2. i am so glad you had fun! it definitely was a who's who of cincinnati bloggers. we all stalk each other, that is normal. david definitely has to come next time!

  3. I had so much fun on Thursday night (from the dainty pink drink I have in my hand I'm sure that much is obvious!) - it was great to meet you.

    Let me know about the You-know-what!

  4. Ha!
    We'll get you on Twitter yet.
    What a fantastic evening and fantastic people.

    Off topic, Ice Pirates is awesome, I must have seen that 10 times when it came out.
    And the rainbow pictures, spectacular.


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