Monday, February 9, 2009


Ingredients is located in the Westin, and since I work about a block away, I’ve gone there for lunch quite a few times. When David was on his atkins diet, we used to get salads together. Ingredients offers quite a lot of option to customize your salad, from the lettuce to the toppings. Janelle joined me this past week.

Janelle got a salad—she was very happy with the fact she could get iceberg lettuce.
I got my favorite, the turkey club Panini, with turkey, tomato, avocado, bacon, and special mayonnaise. The bread is crunchy and delicious and toasted.
Yummy and crunchy

They have a very nice oven for making delicious pizzas. David and I have gotten those on occasion, and we like them.

Ingredients has lots of seating, including cushy couches and high tables. It gets pretty busy around lunchtime, but I usually wait until 1 and don't have a problem. they have Starbucks coffee and some pastries too.

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