Friday, February 27, 2009


Visited Oakley this past weekend, and of course had to stop by Aglamesis. They aren’t as widely distributed as Graeter’s and they aren’t as old. Aglamesis has been around since 1908 vs Graeter’s 1870 .

I know that some die hard Graeter’s fans will shun me for this, but I actually prefer Aglamesis over Graeters. Their ice cream is lighter, in flavor and in density, and I find it much more pleasant to eat.

Mom and I visited and last weekend, and she got a Sundae with coffee ice cream, chocolate syrup and nuts. I stuck with a Dutch Holland chocolate milkshake. I really liked my milkshake, but it was so sweet I couldn’t finish it all. Mom loved her Sundae.

We sat at the counter, so we got to watch all sorts of fun things being made.

Witness the magic that is the creation of a Banana split...

Aglamesis makes all sorts of flavored sodas with ice cream. These are chocolate.

Aglamesis also contains lots of chocolate and homemade candies, and if I hadn’t been in chocolate overload from the milkshake, I would have gone to town.

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  1. i <3 aglamesis. screw you graeter's! aglamesis is totally my happy place.


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