Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pub at Rookwood Mews update:

David and I went to the Pub Rookwood last Sunday for lunch. We went at around 2, and it was very quiet.

It's 2 O clock on a Sunday, beer is perfectly acceptable

David got an Old Speckled Hen, and I stuck with a Belhaven Twisted Thistle.

Onion ring tower

I got the chicken wings with barbecue sauce on the side. David got the battered mushrooms and onions as well as a burger with goat cheese for an entrée.

The mushrooms and onions were very good—David actually convinced me to try one, it was my first onion ring ever. Yes, ever. I'm weird about onions.


even overcooked burgers make good macro subjects

The wings and burger, not so much. Someone may have gotten distracted in the Kitchen, because the wings were a little dry and the burger overcooked. The steak fries were delicious as usual.

The overcooked food was out of the ordinary for the pub—we’ve been many times and we’ll be back, so I wouldn’t let our experience today scare anyone away. Stick with the fish and chips, you can’t go wrong.

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  1. This is totally strange- I just happened to be reading this from the Rookwood Pub, at about two on Sunday. Great minds I guess! Beer on Sunday afternoon is perfect, especially when there's free WiFi involved. I always get the curry chips here, they put me in my happy place.

  2. That's pretty funny! David and I got recognized at the Dilly Deli the other day--I have a feeling that I'm going to run into a lot of familiar faces over the next year...hopefully including yours! We can always try and arrange an outing.

  3. Sounds good to me! Keep in touch, we'll figure out a joint food excursion soon. Restaurant week is coming up soon!


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