Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Friday's fix:

David stayed a little later than he thought he would at work on Saturday, and as a reward for being patient, I got to pick wherever I wanted to go for dinner.

I thought for awhile about what I would like. We had just had Arthur's burgers a few days ago, had also just been to Teller's, and we had haircuts the upcoming week, which would bring us to the Dilly Deli.

I didn't want Chinese, I didn't want steak. I didn't want fish and chips. I didnt want pancakes or chicken fingers.

I wanted a pina colada. I couldn’t explain why. I know it's the middle of winter. I didn't care.

There are only a few places that serve a pina colada that I would find passable. Dave and Busters is my preferred place, but driving up to tri-county on a Saturday night was out of the question.

David was not really hungry, either, so I didn't have to worry about what he wanted to eat and I could just pick something I liked.

Which led me to TGI Friday's.
This is how David feels about Fridays.

the picture says it all

We walked in on about a 30-40 minute wait. It was the busiest I've ever seen Fridays. Maybe other people felt the same urge that I did for a tropical drink. We only waited about ½ an hour.
Yay Pina colada!

I ordered my ultimate pina colada. David got a Guinness. Friday's is offering a special that blue moons are $4.50 for a giant "schooner" glass which was temping; but we prefer blue moons in the summer.

Friday's is partnering with self proclaimed "food dude" Guy Fieri, from the food network. He reminds me a little of an excitable, blond Chihuahua with traditional biker tattoos. Guy is teaching Friday's to take their ordinary dishes to the EXTREME. The result can be good and bad.

David got a chipotle steak sandwich after much perusal of the menu. It had plantains on it, so he was curious. He actually said the steak was pretty good.

I assure you, that is a sandwich

I ordered a basket of green bean fries and a bowl of loaded baked potato soup. When I first discovered the green bean fries, I would drag David to Friday's at least twice a month—much to his dismay—to get the green bean fries with the cool wasabi ranch dip.

they're good for you, because they're green beans.

A word of warning: they are one of those foods that is very good hot, but if you stick them in the fridge and try to reheat them, you will fail miserably. Take it from me, don't try. You'll be sad.

I finished my pina colada quickly and ordered a Mai Tai. I found I didn't like the Mai Tai as much, so I ordered another pina colada.

There was a huge party making lots of noise with screaming children and a few housewives drunk on cheap table wine and margaritas cackling maniacally. I figured I might as well have another pina colada to justify David's patience, since I dragged him out there in the first place and made him wait ½ an hour for food he didn’t even like.

I didn't finish all my green bean fries, but did eat most of the soup. It had a lot of pepper and celery in it, which I didn't mind. It could have used more bacon. I usually say most bacon dishes could probably use more bacon.

I demand more bacon, Guy Fieri!

When it comes to Friday's, I honestly think that their barbeque is not bad. I like some of their appetizers—fried mac and cheese, green bean fries, nachos and chicken fingers. I also like that they now have sweet potato fries. I do not like the fact that they seem to be seriously obsessed with garlic salt and extreme fajitas.

As long as you know what you like and keep it simple, you should be safe. I also recommend this drink: The Ultimate June bug. It might not be on the menu. Ask for it anyway, they have it. I promise.

"Ultimate" drinks at Fridays are usually $8.00, but on certain days, these large drinks are only $4.00. Last time I checked, Tuesday was June bug day, and Monday was Hawaiian volcano day. At our local Fridays, Mondays are 2.00 Guinness nights as well. A June bug has pineapple juice, coconut rum, banana liqueur with midori and a little sweet and sour garnished with a pineapple wedge and it is so yummy.

I'm taking my craving for tropical drinks as an indicator that I need a nice, tropical vacation.

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