Thursday, February 5, 2009

Brontë Bistro:

Went to Brontë's for brunch with David's dad on Sunday. We usually have dinner, but we had a super bowl party to go to that evening, so brunch it was.

We used to meet my mom for brunch at Brontë's pretty often. It's right next to a First Watch. Frankly, I've never understood what is so great about First Watch that compels people to consistently wait for over an hour on Sundays for brunch. The line is always out the door. With Brontë's we felt like we had a little secret, because if you get there before 11:30, you can walk right in with no wait, snickering quietly at the wait line for First Watch.

However; we did discover if you get there after 11:30, you may have a small wait, though nowhere near First Watch proportions. At least there is the bookstore to browse in. We got to Brontë's at 12:00 and we waited about 30 minutes.


David and I both got 12 and 16 ounce cappuccinos, and Derek stuck with diet coke. I enjoyed my coffee, though it was about 2/3 foam for some reason.

His and Hers
Brontë's has an omelet bar that I've never tried, but that seems very popular.
Omelet Bar

David ordered the quiche, and Derek got some pancakes with white chocolate banana syrup and sausage.


I got a breakfast croissant with cheddar and bacon. I like the way Brontë's does it because they cook scrambled egg with the bacon and cheddar and put that on your croissant, instead of layering it. I think it allows for more even bacon distribution in the sandwich, and I am all for that. David liked his quiche, which has never disappointed us.

even bacon distribution
David is very upset with Brontë's because they took the chicken and mushroom crepes off the menu. I am now also a little put out because goetta has been removed from their menu as well. What's the deal Brontë's? what do you have against goetta and crepes?

Derek did not like his banana white chocolate syrup very much, so I suggested he ask for a cup of the "crème brulee" sauce that is on Brontë's crème Brulee French toast.

the offending sauce
We asked our waitress for a cup the crème brulee sauce and she looked a little puzzled and then said she would "see what she could do". This was a familiar problem. For a while I was getting the delicious French toast every time we visited. The Sauce is the best part—it's not syrup, its something else. It's joy in a cup.

I would recommend it to a first time Brontë -goer that was in the mood for sweet brunch instead of savory. The problem I ran into consistently was this: I would always ask for an extra cup of the sauce and would only get it about half of the time, after much intense negotiating.

Our waitress did manage to wrangle some of the desired sauce from the kitchen, and explained that it is made per order, so it can be difficult to get when you aren't ordering a dish it comes on. That kind of makes sense, but doesn't really explain the past difficulty I had in procuring a double quantity on my actual French toast order.

Derek liked that much better. Brontë's has expanded their French toast selection to include one with berries, and they also had a French toast with herbed cheese. I'm kind of skeptical about that one.

Brontë's sides are typically hash brown casserole, which is usually very good but not recommended for someone sensitive to onion, and a fruit cup. The fruit cup contains lots of melon, which I think is a big plus. I once asked for a bowl of fruit at IHOP and I got grapes and pineapple. Blech.
Casserole Macro

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  1. The Creme Brulee French Toast is baked in the sauce you are referring to. The sauce is created in the baking process, therefore it is difficult to provide more of the "syrup" since it is actually baked into the french toast, fresh every morning and repeatedly throughout Brunch on Sundays! That is what makes it so fluffy and delicious!
    The Savory French Toast is a Sunday Brunch Special. (I love goat cheese and it is perfect in the middle of French Toast!) It changes every week! I would highly recommend Toby's Salmon Omelette when it is the featured Special! It is one of my all time favs!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience at Bronte! Our Chef, Matt McGuire, is exceptional! His specials are amazing! I love the pictures! The food looks as good as it tastes! Thank you!
    I'll see you soon,
    Tara Heilman
    Bronte Bistro


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