Friday, February 27, 2009

Edgecliff Room (closed):

***Update: Edgecliff is now closed. Should have seen that one coming.****

I have no pictures of brunch at the Edgecliff Room. When David and I went, I had not started blogging and obsessively documenting our meals. I cannot be convinced to return.

The Edgecliff Room is on one of the bottom floors of the Edgecliff condominiums near Eden Park. I don’t know who mainly lives in these condos, but when David and I walked in I had flashbacks to when I worked in dietary at a nursing home. Not a good start.

We settled in anyway and tried to ignore the various elderly mutterings. We both got coffee, which wasn’t bad. The brunch menu is fairly small, which usually means that the dishes on it get a little extra attention. Yeeeeeah....Not so much.

David ordered a frittata, which was decent, but nothing spectacular. I got two eggs over hard and goetta.

I don’t know if some crochety old person had made the cook mad earlier, complaining about how much their food was cooked. It’s the only explanation I can think of, other that when my food was being cooked, someone got distracted by something shiny in the kitchen or a kitty-cat.

My eggs weren’t just over hard, they were over hard and then some. Almost un-eatably burnt. I tried some of the goetta, felt like I was going to break my tooth on the overcooked steel cut oats. I stared hard at the brick of what should have been delicious on my plate and looked at David.

WTF?” I mouthed, sharply tapping my goetta with the tines of my fork. The resulting “ping” of steel on my overcooked dish emphasized my conundrum.

And that’s all I have to say about the Edgecliff. Why it is in any way involved in the Jeanrobert restaurant group I have no idea. Also, I don’t know if the building is “sinking” down the cliff, but the parking lot is at about a 45 degree angle. Trying to park amid other cars resulted in me gripping the seat in terror, fearing that the car was going to roll over. If you visit, park on the street, or risk your peril.

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