Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hathaway’s is in Carew tower, and when I used to work there I had stopped in for a cup of coffee, but never went for lunch. This past week I went for an overdue test run of Hathaway’s.

They have a pretty extensive breakfast menu that includes pancakes, breakfast sandwiches and Goetta. ($3.00). Yay! We will have to try it out for brunch soon.

My lunch buddy Janelle got a garden burger ($6.25) that is accompanied by slaw, lettuce, tomato, pickle and chips.

We both stuck with diet cokes while we looked around the diner. I felt like I’d been plopped into a 50’s movie. Business men in suits sidled up to the counter and flipped through portfolios, other diners sat at the numerous tables talking amongst themselves. The dominant colors in the restaurant are black and white checkerboard, and a lot of sea green.

I went with the grilled cheese plus bacon; ($5.50) and my other lunch mates, David, Thomas and Matt all got burgers. David chose the mushroom and swiss burger ($6.95), while Thomas went with a bacon cheeseburger. ($6.75) Matt got a cheeseburger ($6.50)

I liked my grilled cheese, and the fries were pretty good too. We were very tempted to try the desserts—including the frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit ($4.40), the colossal banana split ($4.75) or a yogurt shake with strawberries, orange juice or bananas. ($3.75).

I almost ordered a chocolate milkshake ($3.50) but stayed strong. That will have to wait until next week.

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