Friday, February 27, 2009


Fatburger opened a few months ago in Oakley. David and I met my Dad and my Stepmom there to experience the “last great hamburger stand”. If it’s one thing that David and my Dad know, it's burgers. They have differing tastes—David likes his with adventurous toppings, while my Dad prefers cheese and ketchup only.

We couldn’t help visiting King Arthur’s Court Toys down the street prior to our dining trip, so for this entry only, special Nomerati guest Randy the Raptor will be showing you the delights of Fatburger.

Meet Randy

The environment definitely felt retro, other than the R & B being piped throughout the restaurant. I ordered the “baby fat” no onions, and David got the slightly larger burger with “fat” fries for a meal.

My Dad got a chocolate milkshake and the King burger.

Regina got a burger meal similar to David’s but with “skinny” fries.

Fatburger does not have a drive through. When you order, you’re given a number and the food is brought to your table. David said it reminds him of Johnny Rockets, minus the singing. The food is good and not expensive, the restaurant is clean. I think they will do well and they have a good thing going.


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