Saturday, February 14, 2009



We went to Rafferty’s in Westchester for Grandma’s 75th birthday. Some people around the office recommended the steak, which is cooked on a hickory grill, but I was not hungry enough. David’s Dad Derek ordered it though, and it was pretty good.


lonely steak needs a garnish

Derek also got a salad, and I got the chicken fingers and a bowl of potato soup. The soup and salad, as well as our other appetizer, fried pickles, came out very quickly. Salad looked OK. The fried pickles were way to salty for me. My potato soup had too much corn starch or another thickener in it, giving it a weird mouth feel.

OK Salad

Draught selection FAIL

David got a full rack of ribs and Grandma got a pork chop. Grandpa got some sort of fish dish.

The chicken fingers were a little bit on the dry side, so I didn’t finish them. David’s ribs were better, so I snagged a couple of those and his French fries. Grandma seemed happy with her pork chop.

Rafferty’s draft selection is kind of sad.

The final straw for me, strangely enough, wasn’t the meh food, it was the televisions above the bar. (there are 6) FOX News, Nascar, football, basketball and a hunting show. I wasn’t really up for watching a wild boar get shot while I was eating and especially do not want Ann Coulter.

If you go to Rafferty’s I’d recommend three things. Eat some of the croissants with honey butter—their version of bread for the table. The ribs are a safe bet, and the steak was nice.

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