Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tröeg’s beer tasting at Teller’s:

Attended the Tröeg’s beer tasting at Teller’s last Thursday. Teller’s happily managed to get the co-owner and Vice President of Tröegs, Chris Trogner, in to host.

The deal, as we were told, were samples of five Tröegs brews, some special food and two vouchers each for full Tröeg beers of your choice. The price? $20.00. It seemed very reasonable to us. We called and made a reservation. The tasting was an open tasting, with people standing around and wandering in and out. It was held in the Vault, which is nice, but kind of small and dimly lit, which is bad for the picture taking.

When asked, my main suggestion was that it would be excellent to host similar events outside on the patio. More room, seats and it would also give the representative from the brewery or presenter more of a stage to work with.

The tasting was from 5:30-7:30, and as it was open, not everyone was trying the same thing at the same time, and Chris sometimes had to repeat himself about the different brews. Overall, though, I think it went pretty well.

David and I were early, so we sat at the bar for a little bit. I met the man in charge of the beer at Teller's. His name is John—or might be spelled Jon, who knows these days—and he seemed very nice. He stated that he would like to have more tastings at Tellers. I wholeheartedly agree. I ordered a Hopslam because it was on draft. Soon it will be gone for the rest of the year and I will be very sad and have to resort to other hop sources.

The tasting was a total Cincinnati beergeek convention. Adam Bankovich, the manager of Catskeller arrived, as well as our friend Kyle from HPWS and Gregg, the premium beverage manager who supplies many of the restaurants and stores in the Cincinnati area. I saw quite a few other familiar faces from the beer tasting at Catskeller and my trip to Quiz night at the pub a few Mondays ago.

After a little bit, the tasting began. First up was the Pale ale, which I thought was very pleasant and mild, an excellent choice to start out the tasting.




Next was the Hopback, which had a little more of a bite too it.

Teller’s was serving buffalo chicken egg rolls and barbecue to go with the tasting. David and I liked both.

After that, the Nugget Nectar followed. This beer has been dry-hopped, so it was a little bit hoppier. It was my favorite so far.

The Tröegenator was next, which is the double bock. I’d had this one before, and I really like it.I prefer it in the winter, though.

Lastly, the Mad Elf. This is a seasonal release, and packs quite a punch at 11% ABV. It was my favorite out of all of them because it is such a unique beer. I tasted a lot of wood, spices and cherries.

After we had tried all the beers and talked to everyone for awhile, David and I decided that we wanted something more substantial for dinner. We were led over by our server, Amy, who was manning the beer tasting crowd, to the table in the front, right by the window. I really like it when we get sat by the windows, because then we can watch the cars go by. You never know what you might see driving around in Hyde park.

David wanted the kobe beef burger, and I decided to get the baked potato pizza.

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  1. I had the Tröeg at Grammer's two weeks ago, I liked it and so did everyone else as they were out last Saturday.
    I still need to hit Tellers sometime.


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