Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Exploring on a nice day at lunch:

I work downtown, pretty close to 3rd street. On nice days, I walk down to the Roebling bridge and across the river, around the Ascent and back to work. The other day it was nice and sunny, so I took advantage of the opportunity to leave my cubicle.


Construction on the banks project, or whatever they are calling it now.

it would be nice if the river didnt look like doo-doo water


  1. I love Roebling, it was the first thing I bonded with when I moved to Cincinnati.
    You have to catch the river at just the right time of day and in the right rain cycle. If it hasn't rained forever you can catch it almost blue/green sometimes.

  2. I'd even take green over brown. yuck. I think the Roebling is more fun to walk over then drive. the humming sound on my tires freaks me out.


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