Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beer Sellar:

Saturday night, we dropped by the Beer Sellar.

David and I have been there once before. The Beer Sellar does have an impressive amount of taps, As you can see on their website--and furthermore, we like that they refer to Miller, Coors and Bud as "beginner beers". but we rate it lower than DD or Tellers because the draft beers there do not excite us as much. Also, the food is bar food. I got the mini corndogs on our first visit.

They were mini, they were corndogs. They probably came frozen in a bag and were reheated. You get what you pay for at the Beer Sellar. Nothing wrong with that. But I missed my buffalo chicken eggrolls.

When we stopped by that Saturday, there was a $5.00 cover due to live music, Hillbilly Speedball. It was also very crowded and smoky. (Beer Sellar does have a nice outdoor patio overlooking the river, but it was a little bit too cold for that).

I ordered an Arrogant Bastard, David chose a Spaten lager. We visited for a little bit, and peering past the crowd at the band, which was undeniably country-style, I saw the stand up bass.

OK, you’ve got my attention.

Makes me want to listen to some Nekromantix real bad

I do not like Country music very much, but I can enjoy Country music with a Rockabilly twist. Even when it is way too loud, like it was on Saturday—though it did work to our advantage.

I went back to the bar for my second beer with Janelle, who, upon my recommendation was ordering chocolate cake shots.
I asked for the beer list, which was interpreted through the din as ordering a “Guinness”. When I clarified I wanted the list after I received my misordered beverage, I was told I could have the Guinness anyway.

I had a little, but passed it off to David. One of those chocolate cake shots was for me, and they are dangerously potent. I handed the mostly full pint to David, and turned with Janelle back to the bar. It had been less than 60 seconds when David set the empty pint glass back on the bar with a “thunk.” Janelle and I both looked back at David, who was looking very pleased with himself.

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