Saturday, March 14, 2009

Panera Bread:

Panera holds a lot of memories for David and I. When we were both students our final year (which was more like a gauntlet) at UC, I would sometimes get lunch for both of us and meet David on campus in between classes.

More often, however, David and I would be sitting at a Panera table with matching cups of coffee and books piled around us. We sat there for hours, as he crunched numbers and I pored through pages of Feminist and Communication theory.

I could do without the sometimes overly loud classical music that all Paneras seem to have, and with a sister who worked at one for 3+ years, there are some things at Panera that I can no longer enjoy.

For instance, the IC Mochas are delicious, but that is because they are made with lots of half and half.

Panera loves their red onions, so I recommend if you order a sandwich to tell them to leave them off.

I’m a big fan of the broccoli cheddar soup and baguette, as well as the chicken noodle. David likes the asiago roast beef sandwich. Their breakfast sandwiches are pretty good, and if I want something sweet, I usually order a Dutch apple bagel, sliced and toasted, with honey walnut cream cheese.

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  1. i love Panera but avoid the Hyde Park one at all costs, they won't brew coffee unless asked so you have long periods of time in between each cup.
    I don't understand this, no other Panera has this problem so it has to be management related.


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