Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aladdin's Eatery:

David’s Dad suggested we venture up to Union Center and visit Aladdin’s with him last Sunday.

David and I took a quick look at their website. I saw the baklava and I was in. We arrived at about 12:40.

David and I looked over the massive menu. It is quite large, in a several page spiral bound format. All the choices were a little bit overwhelming, but not unwelcome. As David and I negotiated what we would both order to try the maximum amount of foodstuffs, we were joined by a very knowledgeable member of the staff.

She explained about different specialties, had very nice recommendations, and then continued around the dining room, checking in with all the patrons to make sure they were having a good experience.

David decided to order the Vegetarian combo as an appetizer ($10.95), which included a sample of Hummos, Tabouli (parsley, onion, cracked wheat and tomato), Baba (pureed eggplant, tahini, garlic and lemon) Falaffel (patties of chickpeas, fava beans, onions and various other spices) and Dawali (grape leaves stuffed with chick peas, tomato and parsley). Pitas came on the side.

The Hummos was very good and creamy, but I preferred the Baba. It was nice and tangy, not too much garlic and not too much lemon. David really liked the dawali and tabouli, and I thought the falafel were excellent. Nice, crispy and hot. This is an excellent choice as an appetizer. Aladdin's would be a great place to take a vegetarian. They have many vegetarian options on their menu. And that baba was delicious.

I decided that I wanted the Aladdin’s favorite combo, ($12.95) with Beef Kafta (grilled lean ground beef mixed with onions and spices, which was recommended) shish kabob grilled beef tenderloin, chicken tawook, on seasoned white rice that’s served with a small salad. I liked the Kafta, and the chicken was seasoned well and not dry at all.

Derek chose the chicken salad ($7.25). It's more like chicken salad on a salad.

David decided to take it easy and ordered the Aladdin’s lamb rolled, ($6.95). this wrap contained lamb, onion, turnips, pickles and tahini dressing.

David and I were very interested in the pita pizzas (which run from $6-7) but we knew better than to stuff ourselves. We still had to save room for dessert.

And there is plenty of dessert. Aladdin's is a little bit of a paradox--fresh ingredients, healthy food, and then...cases of cake? Not just baklava, oh no. See below. Cheesecake and chocolate cake and peanut butter cake and lemon cake and strawberry cake and carrot cake and chocolate mocha cake and... well, you get the idea.

Not that I am complaining. I will probably never complain about extensive cake choices

and yes, brownies too

The baklava was incredible. I wanted to try each kind, so I got a little boxed sampler.

Oh Baklava. I just can't quit you.

As well as a truffle the size of my fist.

David got some nice macro shots of what a nice lunch would be at Aladdins.

They also have delicious smoothies made with non-fat yogurt

I like Aladdin's and I would definitely go back. The variety of food, as well as the quality, were excellent, and the Baklava was delicious.

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