Friday, March 27, 2009

The pub and tennent's face:

Saturday afternoon, David came back from the office as I was just finishing vacuuming the apartment. It was such a nice, sunny day, I wanted to go sit somewhere and have lunch in the sunshine.

We had just been to Teller’s on Thursday, and David and I both agreed it was too soon to go back. We’re already at risk for being known as that couple that always comes in takes pictures of their food.

So we went with The Pub at Rookwood.

We sat out in the patio area, which was still closed off from the outside with a tent, and had a few heaters on to make sure it stayed nice and warm. The sunshine coming in through the big windows made it extra nice.

I decided to order a cocktail, the Penny Lane Hurricane, and David went with an Old Speckled Hen, since they were out of Belhaven. As we looked over the menu, we noticed that Pub has made a few changes on their menu. It also seems to us that the prices have increased overall.

The pub sliders, (4) with Guinness onions and pickles, are new ($8.95). There is also a more mysterious “slider of the day” offered for the same price. The Scottish egg has migrated from Nicholson’s over to the pub menu.

The desserts have expanded, including berry crepes, with Baileys cream cheese, tipsy berries and whipped cream ($6.50) and a chocolate cheesecake infused with Glenmorangie port wood scotch, (Nicks wee dram, $6.50)

The sandwiches and burgers have expanded too. The burgers have multiplied to include a BBQ burger ($9.75), and all burgers can be ordered on pretzel bun if you so choose. A brunch item, the Full Monty ($9.95), is now on regular menu rotation.

David was wavering in between a steak and the Welsh dip sandwich, ($10.95) a French baguette with sliced prime rib, green peppers and onion, melted mozzarella and provolone with au jus, and pub crisps. I urged him to try the sandwich, which sounded much more interesting.

My obsession with sliders and mini burgers was impossible to resist, so I went with those, choosing steak fries to accompany them.

I finished my drink fairly quickly, as it was very tasty. I decided to go with my standard twisted thistle, and David ordered a Tennents, which is another Scottish beer.

It didn’t go so well.

Hereafter, this shall be known as "Tennent's face"

Tennent's isn’t really a creamy ale, like Belhaven, which is also Scottish. It’s more like a lager. A yucky lager.

I mentioned this to our server, and she was kind enough to take it off our tab, which we appreciated.

David got his Welsh Dip and I received my sliders. Three things about the sliders. These have a lot of potential.

The buns are toasted, which I approve of. Unfortunately, these little burgers were cooked way too long, so they were very dry. They also desperately need cheese. I’d be curious to find out what the “slider of the day” consists of.

David liked his sandwich and thought it was very good, even though it got a little messy with the au jus for dipping.

David had been eyeing the berry crepes the entire time we were there, and decided to order them. I admit I was skeptical at first, but they were very good. The berries were delicious and the tartness contrasted well with the milder, sweet cream cheese.

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  1. Sissy boy can't handle Tennents. Enjoy your creamy fruit and nuts beer!

  2. ken.. tennenets is gid.
    cant stand belhaven best myself, and i live in dunbar :P


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