Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cafe Moca:

Having a coffee shop within a block is pretty darn convenient sometimes. David and I really like having MoCa close by. The owner, Joe, is always very nice and welcoming. MoCa has been at Desales plaza since we moved to the area, and it’s been interesting to watch its transformation.

Joe keeps the décor simple and open, a little bit exotic but not too strange. We almost always see him in there, running the register, talking to patrons, and working on various décor. Sometimes I go to restaurants and I meet owners or managers that don’t really seem sincere, dedicated or genuinely nice. Joe definitely does not fall into that category.

I like the breakfast sandwiches (ranging from $3-4.00 each), which come on toasted croissants by default. Joe’s wife is a vegetarian, so he’s pretty conscious of keeping veggie bacon, veggie turkey, and veggie sausage in stock as well as offering other veggie options on the menu.

Salads are available, as well as hot sandwiches, deli sandwiches and wraps. David ordered a Roast Beef sandwich ($6.50) containing asiago cheese, lettuce, and horseradish sauce on a Kaiser roll, and I chose a simple egg and cheese breakfast croissant. ($3.00).

David also got a large latte. I was pretty thirsty, so I ordered sparkling water.

I think MoCa’s coffee is very good. Sometimes coffee is too acidic and hurts my stomach, but I’ve never had that problem with MoCa. They have smoothies as well, and specials each day of the week.

Monday is ½ price latte day
Tuesday is ½ price Chai tea latte day
Wednesday is ½ price wild berry smoothie day
Thursday is large drink at regular price day
Friday is free coffee with breakfast sandwich day
Saturday is buy one get one free day
And Sunday is Pancake Day, with fresh fruit toppings.

MoCa has a vary nice patio on the corner that faces the street, right next to St. Francis Desales, which, even if you don't like churches, is very nice to look at.

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  1. Cafe MoCa is the best! I go there every once in a while and had no idea about the daily specials... their Chai Tea Lattes are to die for!


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