Monday, March 2, 2009

Terry's Turf Club:

After our eventful Friday night at Boi Na Braza, David diligently went into work and I stayed home to work around the apartment. We were finally starting to get hungry again at about 1:00 on Saturday. David called me and asked if I wanted lunch. I did, I said, but-- I wanted to go someplace we hadn’t been before.

“I have a great idea.” David replied. “Want to go to Terry’s Turf Club?”

Terry’s Turf Club has been the talk of the town for the last few months. It seemed like everyone we discussed noms with had heard about or been to it. My mom, my coworkers, David's coworkers, fellow beer geeks. This is what we knew: Great burgers, great beers, great atmosphere.

Of course I wanted to go. We figured at around 2:00 on a Saturday, we might have better luck—Terry’s intimately small space is notoriously busy during normal eating hours. From our observance, the best time to go to Terry’s is about 3:15. By 4:30, the place is packed again.

We drove down along the river to Terry’s.

This dog is pointing the way to your burger fantasy

We drove past small houses, old sidewalks and Chevys with peeling paint, past old factories and industrial buildings. Then, like a bright burger star on the Horizon, we saw it.

Across the street from Terry's


We entered into a pretty packed room. Didn’t matter, I told David. We were prepared to wait. As we took in the bright neon lights filling the walls, the hostess working the dining room asked if we were on the list. We told her not yet. She asked if we would like to sit at the bar, which had four vacant seats. “Terry’s up there.” She said. “He’ll spoil ya.”

“Yes, I want to be spoiled!" I turned to David. " To the bar!” I enthusiastically proclaimed.

Inside of Terry's looking towards the door

This is what's above the bar

We sat at the far end and perused the beer selection.

Look at this selection. Chimay, Rogue, Duvel, Hennepin….and what’s that with the big pink star next to it?

Hopslam. Oh Terry, you shouldn’t have.

My kind of rules, Terry.

You can also see the seafood options on the board to the right of the beer. Scallops and swordfish? Yay!

Our view at the bar was one of the best seats in the house. We could see the collection of funky glasses, an old school fridge, the food being cooked, and Terry the burger king, reigning from behind the bar, taking orders and chatting with regulars.

As I was snapping away, Terry came by, urging me to take pictures of the burgers his sister was masterfully grilling up. “There’s about twenty on there right now.” He said.

Behold ye mortals; the true burger king!


Terry Also has Cocktails.

David decided upon Three Philosophers.

We debated for quite awhile on what we wanted to get. In the end, we determined we wanted to try the Scallops and Lychees, David and Thomas both wanted a burger with swiss cheese and mushroom and burgundy wine sauce, and I decided upon a burger topped with red pepper goat cheese.

At Terry’s you can throw your peanut shells on the floor. +5 points, Terry.

I was wavering between another beer or a cosmo, and asked the bartender what I should do. His response was to pour out a little black raspberry cosmo for me. Yes, I said, after sampling, I wanted that.

I ordered one and Terry laughed, expertly flipping a piece of lemon peel into my drink from a few feet away.

Terry’s cosmos are like little slushies. Really, really strong slushies. These drinks are rocket sauce, which earn my wholehearted approval.

Terry poured me a little bit of the regular cosmo to try too.

Don't judge me

Our food came out at the just the right time.

Scallops and Lychees are pure genius. They work so well together.

And what we came for—the best burgers in Cincinnati. Served with fresh cut fries over paper plates, on delicious toasted rolls from the Shadeau bakery.

David's thumb being pulled in by delicious burger tractor beam

I was still so caught up in reflecting on how good my burger was, I almost didn’t come to my senses when Terry placed this fabulous Pistachio Gelato in front of us.

For dessert, David and I split a Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Terry’s was starting to get busier again at that point, and David and I wanted to go home and take naps. Thomas drove us back, where we promptly passed out and dreamt of burgers and another anticipated visit to Terry’s.

Thanks Don Tomas!

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  1. yay! terry's is awesome. i am so glad you guys finally went!

  2. I'm glad we finally made it too, It was delicious and we had a great time!

    I want more slushy cosmos...

  3. Thanks for documenting it in photos. It's great, isn't it?

  4. totally! We'll be back soon. Maybe we'll see you there!

  5. burger porn. i love it, i need more terry's in my life.

  6. total burger porn...I want to go back soon, I'm looking forward to Sake Bomb on thurs, I can't wait to introduce David to everyone!


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