Tuesday, March 10, 2009

P.F. Chang's:

David and I found ourselves with a $25.00 gift card to P.F. Chang's and we visited last week after perusing the Rookwood Old Navy.

P.F. Chang's always seems to be busy, and that night was no exception. David and I had a lot of trouble deciding what we wanted. We had not been there in about a year, and the menu was revamped to add a lot of oddly curious choices. For instance, do you know that P.F. Chang's serves green bean fries? I wasn’t curious enough to order them, so I have no idea what they are like. I got a PFX cocktail, which was pretty tasty, but not particularly strong.

Having trouble deciding

We chose medium heat for our little sauces, and decided to order some dumplings, pan seared for an app.

I am miserable with the chopsticks. I admit it readily. Halfway through dinner I abandoned them and fell back to my familiar fork.

We meet again, nemesis

Chopsticks are my own personal version of Tantalus's eternal punishment in Greek mythology. I almost get the food in my mouth, only to drop it on the plate with a disappointing "plop".

I decided to try the Chang’s Spicy Chicken ($12.95). I thought it was pretty good, but I ended up swiping a lot of David’s Chengdu Spiced Lamb. (13.95)

P.F. Chang's is a pretty stable as a chain, but not a very exciting place to visit. The food is good quality, but I got a little nostalgic for our old Clifton haunts-- King Wok or Red Pepper-- halfway through.

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