Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blue Manatee Decafé:

I visited the Blue Manatee as part of my super fun Oakley extravaganza a few weeks ago. I’ve got to say this place is really fun. Mom and I spend a few hours looking at all the books and art while sipping nice cappuccinos and watching the little kids dart too and fro while their parents tried to keep up.

These colorful murals were created by Cincinnati Artworks.

All the drinks are named after kids books. I totally love the alphabet magnets too. And any place that serves a drink with three shots of espresso and chocolate syrup is right up my alley.

And check out these cute little manatee cookies! From Frieda’s bakery in Montgomery.

I wandered around the bookstore for a bit and bought David a book. (see below) I couldn’t resist. I also got a finger puppet.

I like the Blue Manatee and the Decafé, with their cheerful staff and bright colors. I recommend stopping by for a visit, preferably to pick up something caffeinated.

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