Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Southern Tier's Oak Aged Unearthly Imperial IPA:

This is a super special beer from Southern Tier. You can see this from the nice, shiny label. Oak Aged Unearthly Imperial IPA. I picked this up at Jungle Jim's and decided to pair it with 4 year old black diamond cheddar.

This beer is very interesting. You can taste the alcohol, (at 11% it's hard to hide) and the oak and super hoppyness make it very dry. At the same time it is also a little sweet and viscous. I like this beer, but I would not want to drink it every day. David and I are still pondering the question if you should, as a rule, oak age IPA's. With stouts it almost always works well, but I think if this concoction was not in Southern Tier's capable hands it would have the potential to be simply awful.

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