Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sake Bomb, Night of the living Cincinnati Bloggers:

Last Thursday, Westender of Clark Street Blog organized a get together at Sake Bomb in Hyde park. In attendance (I think I got everyone) were the Westside Foodie Wannabes, Jeff, Sean, David and I, 5chw4r7z , Cincyspin and Liz .

We started at the bar, which began to get a little crowded, and moved to a table. I decided to try a raspberry martini, which was pretty good. They made it with Chambord. I eventually regretted my decision not to upgrade to Ketel one from the Stoli used as a house vodka. Blech, Stoli.

Somehow both set of batteries for the camera were dead , so David and I resorted to the Iphone emergency backup cameras.

David got lots of sushi. He got several spicy rolls. I decided to get the chicken fried rice (not spicy). Getting my rice that way was a very good decision. As David looked over at me while eating his sushi, I noticed he looked….rather shiny. And pained.

“This is really spicy.” He said.
“Yeah, it’s…you know..a decent spice.” Westender remarked nonchalantly. I peered a little closer and noticed he was glowing quite a bit too. Uh-huh. Sure. Decent my rear, this stuff was a roll of pain. It went past the pleasant spicy to I-double-dog-dare-you-to-eat-that-foolishness. David drank all his water, and ate the ice. We tried to warn Liz, but she didn’t listen. It was her folly.

I liked my Chicken fried rice, ($12.50) although the peanut oil used in it made me burp peanut butter for the rest of the night. It had broccoli in it, which I liked.

WFW ordered the fried cheesecake, which looked pretty tasty.

We also ended up with a complimentary dessert tray with little ice cream wedges, brownies, fried cheesecake and bananas wrapped in fried spring rolls, which were my favorite. The brownies were a little meh. Too much chocolate to go with oriental food, in my opinion.

Liz, Jeff, Westender, David and I ended up sitting and talking for quite awhile about Cincinnati blogging, Cincinnati Imports, that the music is too loud at Sully's, how CinWeekly just doesn’t get it sometimes and about how Jeff does not like the texture of apples. We also got to try some dessert sake, which we all really liked.

Sake bomb has a little bit of fine tuning to do. The rolls were way too spicy, and we have definitely had better sushi. Our waitress was very nice, but she almost had an aneurysm when we verified that we preferred to have the checks split. I’d be very interested in trying the chicken teriyaki, and I’d get the chicken fried rice again. (although definitely not spicy)

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  1. Haha... you forgot to mention Sean. He's the one RIGHT UP THERE IN THE PICTURE.

  2. Your iPhone makes my hair look gray.
    Better get that thing calibrated.

  3. i don't know why i didn't listen to you guys on the spicy thing...

  4. where have you had better sushi? I'm trying to find good sushi places in Cincinnati


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